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Kids and parents are the heart of FLAVORx, so we love hearing that we’ve been able to help. Children’s health is the reason we do what we do, so if you’ve seen how flavoring can impact the medicine-time experience, share your flavor moment in the form at the bottom of this page.

It helped my 3 yr. old daughter to clear up a third round of Strep Throat. Two previous attempts it was a pure nightmare at Medication times until FlavorX saved day. I 100% recommend their services. It saved me so many headaches and so many shed tears. Thank You!
– Lela M.

My 20-month old son, Hayes, does NOT do well with any kind of medicine. I haven’t been able to get him to take an antibiotic until our Pharmacist suggested adding flavor to the medicine. It’s a miracle worker! We added the grape flavor to his antibiotic and he’s easily downed every dose! Can I get an AMEN?
– Haley B.

My son is epileptic and has to take 5 medications daily. We have wrestled with him for years to take them but thanks to flavorx he now takes his seizure medication with no problems. We are so thankful for that.
– Megan G.

My little cousin had to take clindamyacin liquid and I could even agree- it smelt like dirty socks. I made a request at the pharmacy and they helped us figure out how to flavor it since applesauce was not helping. The pharmacy flavored the medicine and it made it more manageable for him to tolerate. So happy that the pharmacy had this in stock as a way to help him take the medicine!
– Michael D.

My 4 year old son has a hard time with medicine. I let him pick the flavor and he chose watermelon. I tasted some and the flavor was amazing, he absolutely loves taking his medicine, he has even told me what flavor to try next time. Very impressed with this flavor company.
– Angelia C.

My son did not want to go to the doctor and he definitely did not want to take the medicine. When he realized his medicine tasted like bubble gum, he took it without a problem.
– Hailey E.

Picked up my grand daughters prescription for strep throat and our pharmacist asked if I wanted her to flavor it. I had forgotten they had started offering to do this and appreciated her asking/reminding me of that service. My grand daughter is enjoying the grape flavor of her antibiotic.
– Susan H.
My family loves the flavor RX program! I am a pharmacist and i have worked both retail pharmacy and currently hospital pharmacy. Having kids take their medications is so important and this program has been such a great success story for me in my job and now that I have kids of my own too. I helped implement flavor Rx at my hospital outpatient pharmacy. I love it and how it helps kiddos take their medications. Thank you!
– Sally S.
My nephew absolutely hated taking any liquid medication. After my local pharmacist recommended FlavorRX, it was truly a blessing. My nephew began to enjoy the taste of the medication and took it without any fuss. A true lifesavor!
– Lauren S.

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