Proactively offering taste customization with all liquid prescriptions is the best way to embrace the flavoring service to delight your customers. To help you help them, we’ve developed some great (and really fun, too) tools that will help you effectively engage with your pediatric customers and their parents!

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Order Form

Are you already a FLAVORx Pharmacy. Click on the button below to download a PDF version of our order form.

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Online Formulary

Need help finding a flavoring recipe? Please click the button below to visit our online formulary. You will need your login information to access the recipes. If you have lost your information, please call us at 800.884.5771

Click here to find the best flavors for your medicine.

Meet Flavorbot

Our friend, Flavorbot, helps your customers discover which of our yuck-busting flavors work best in their medicine! Just find their medication in the drop-down menu and watch Fred give the best flavor options.

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Fun Stuff

A downloadable, interactive guide that you can share with your customers to make medicine time a little more pleasant.

Looking for Something Different?

Send us a note, or give us a call at 800-884-5771.