Want to Make Medicine Time Less Stressful While Providing an Extraordinary Customer Experience?

Customizing the taste of liquid medication with FLAVORx isn’t just good for compliance, it’s good for business! When you offer your customers a choice in how their medication will taste, you are going above-and-beyond to show them that you care about their health and that you value their loyalty and are committed to providing the highest quality care.

Take the lead

Providing great customer experiences in your pharmacies is more important then ever! Creating a customer experience that can change a person’s life is easier than you might think. Your customers trust you and your advice, so to help  you, we’ve created a game plan for you that’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

FLAVORx engage Engage

Start a conversation! Customers want to feel that they’re more than a number, to feel valued. In the busy world of pharmacy, that can be a little challenging. But, taste customization gives you the opportunity to do it all. By taking a moment to talk to a customer about their favorite taste for medicine, you’re not only creating a memory that can impact customer loyalty, you’re ensuring that medicine-time at home is less stressful. Patients feel better, parents are happy, and when they need your help in the future they are more likely to return to your pharmacy for help.It is a winning combination.

PFLAVORx flavorsersonalize

Let them choose! We all want a choice. Whether it’s when ordering our coffee, decorating our homes, or choosing our phone – we want to personalize everything. Your customers are no different. In fact, when they’re not feeling well, choice means even more. Some people think flavoring medication is only about overcoming bad taste, but it’s so much more. Giving your customer a choice lets them personalize the experience, while also improving the likelihood they’ll complete the medication as prescribed.

FLAVORx delightDelight

Share some smiles! Delight occurs as a result of exceeding expectations. Once you’ve had a meaningful conversation and personalized the taste of the liquid medication, you’ve shown the customer you care in ways they never even expected. The child feels empowered and heard, while the parent feels relieved that medicine-time won’t be a fight. As they leave your pharmacy, you’ll all be smiling knowing that you made a difference for someone. Also, they are more likely to come back with the whole family’s prescriptions.

What Parents Have to Say

90% of new mothers are Millennials and they are ready to pamper their children. They have a lot to say about how meaningful this service is to them, so we’ll share what some are saying. Check out some of the current buzz about flavoring.


FLAVORx testimonial

The numbers don't lie

We had a hunch that pharmacies who execute highest with the FLAVORx service of taste customization might be winning in the marketplace in terms of customer satisfaction. We were right. When we looked at 2014 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) scores, we found those with the highest scores also had the highest rates of sale for flavoring.

Customer interaction with a pharmacist impacts additional store purchases. Among customers who speak directly with a pharmacist in a chain drug store, …59 percent purchase an additional non pharmaceutical product to go with their prescription.


We have a number of solutions designed to help pharmacies improve the customer experience and grow their pharmacy. Download our product catalog to learn more about the services and offerings from FLAVORx.

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