Exceed Expectations with Taste Customization

We are FLAVORx, and we are committed to giving your customers a choice when it comes to how liquid medicine should taste. Simply put, our products help you to promote better outcomes while engaging with your customers in a meaningful way that drives experience, delight, and long-term loyalty.

As pharmacy professionals, we understand the importance of moving beyond driving adherence; to truly succeed in today’s market, we must genuinely connect with customers in a way that makes them feel heard, understood, and empowered. That’s where we FLAVORx comes in.

Let’s talk a bit more about the important of choice, shall we?

This morning, you dropped by the coffee shop on your way to work and gave the barista about six different instructions for making your morning brew exactly yours – oh, and the barista of course called you by name and wrote your name on the cup in some cute little design. During lunch with a friend, you stood at the soda machine because there were a dozen – a dozen – choices. Then, after work, you ran by the mall and picked up a personalized case for that new cell phone of yours, because honestly, without a case, your phone has no identity.

See where we are going with this? Without even thinking, we choose, choose, choose, and personalize our lives in a plethora of ways every single day. That means those valued customers of yours are doing the same – for themselves and their children. So, why should we throw out the right of choice the minute customers approach the pharmacy counter? We shouldn’t – you’re right.

By offering taste customization with FLAVORx, you have the power to satisfy your customers’ demand for choice, while simultaneously improving adherence. We think that sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

Enough for now. We have a hunch that light bulb is already going off in your head and you’re starting to imagine the great things FLAVORx can do for your valuable pediatric patients. Don’t stop here. Continue on – explore our site. Everything you need is back up at the top of this page. Choose your path; enjoy the journey!