The Fillmaster Pro dispenser combines the best features of FLAVORx and Fillmaster to bring you a powerful, one-of-a-kind pharmacy automation system. Reconstitution couldn’t be more user-friendly. By incorporating the FLAVORx program with Fillmaster digital water dispensing technology, you’ll be getting the best of both worlds.

How it works:

Scan the barcode of a medication, after confirmation, the device will dispense exactly how much water needed. The Fillmaster Pro will also provide step-by-step flavoring directions right on the screen. The entire process of filling and flavoring a liquid medication is accomplished in a matter of seconds.

Fillmaster Pro Benefits:

  • Fillmaster Pro saves pharmacies time and money. Simply scan the NDC barcode making the process of reconstituting faster than ever.
  • Reduce errors and waste due to the integrated barcode scanning device.
  • Reconstituting a medication can be done in 22 seconds, freeing up precious time in the pharmacy.
  • Flavoring medication is made easier with the unified flavoring database

 Fillmaster Pro Features:

  • Dispenser connects directly to the RO filtration system, dispensing clean safe water every time
  • Saves pharmacies time by removing all other extra steps to reconstitute a medication
  • Barcode scanning
  • Over 7,000 NDC codes that are continuously updated multiple times a year

Fillmaster Pro Dimensions: 21.5” tall X 15.125” Wide X 6.75” Deep