H-E-B Pharmacy and FLAVORx have teamed up to make medicine-time fun for your patients and less-stressful for their parents…
for FREE!

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With FLAVORx, kids can choose the taste of their liquid medicine at the pharmacy, which gives them a sense of control over their own wellness and ownership of their medicine-time experience. It’s a great way to boost compliance and help kids get better faster. And because administering liquid medicine with FLAVORx added to it is so much easier, parents have a much better experience getting their child healthy again.

Your local H-E-B pharmacy team has all the tools to custom flavor your patient’s prescription. The cherry on top is that H-E-B pharmacy offers this awesome service TOTALLY FREE!

We’ve also created a free compliance care package just for you. The care package includes fun tools to help your patients choose a favorite flavor for their liquid prescription.

The Flavor Wheel (A) is a fun way to show them which flavors work the best for the medication being prescribed. Kids can then pick their favorite flavor on the Menu Pad (B) and take that right to the pharmacy. The stickers (C) and tent sign (D) are great ways to let patients know this service is available. And of course, lollipops (E) are great treats for kids who need a little pick-me-up when they’re sick.

In case you’re wondering, FLAVORx is safe to add to kid’s medicine. The flavors are sugar-free, dye-free, gluten-free, casein-free, and non-allergenic. Over 150 million prescription medications have been custom-flavored with FLAVORx.
That’s 150 million smiles in our book 🙂