FLAVORx for Pets - FAQ

For more information, please contact our Customer Experience team at 800-884-5771 ext. 5.

Are the flavors water soluble or oil soluble?
All of the veterinary flavors in our current offering are aqueous based, hence they are water soluble. Bacon is slightly oil soluble, due to the presence of soybean oil.

Are the flavors animal derived?
Some of our flavors include natural stock, however none of the ingredients are animal derived. We have BSE-TSE Certificates for each of the savory flavors that certifies that the products are not animal derived, contain no ingredients of animal origin.

How do I order more supplies?
Reorders can be placed directly from your Recipe Builder account. You also have the option to call our Customer Experience team at 800-884-5771.

What’s the best way to draw flavor out of the flavor bottle?
We recommend using the provided syringes and perfit plugs to draw flavor out of the flavor bottle. We do not recommend using droppers.

What kinds of documentation is FLAVORx able to provide on our products?
The following documentation can be provided upon request: Spec Sheets, SDS, COAs, Nutritional Info, GMO Statements, Dye Free Statements, BSE-TSE Certificates, Allergan Statements, and Ingredient Statements.

Why can’t cats have our fruity flavors?
The FDA prohibits the use of propylene glycol in cat products because it has been shown to cause abnormalities in the red blood cells of cats (Heinz body anemia). We mark all of our flavor bottles with a cat warning label, if the formulation contains propylene glycol. While our savory vet flavors are safe to be used across all animal species, most of our fruity vet flavors are not suitable for cats. Please read all label warnings carefully.

Which BUD guidelines do you follow?
The BUD guidelines we follow come from veterinary references like Trissel’s (Appendices summarize United States Pharmacopeia benchmarks for assigning beyond-use periods in the absence of relevant research), Plumb’s Veterinary Drug Handbook (The most complete source of drug information relevant for animals available), and professional/clinical experience. The formulary is continuously updated to reflect changes that appear in these references and handbooks or changes in clinical practice guidelines.

Is it ok to pre-mix suspending vehicle, sweetener, and flavor to create a premixed flavor base add the
medication as needed?
Unfortunately, we cannot advise or recommend such practice. Our program is designed to customize a unique prescription for a unique patient, at the point-of-sale/point-of-dispensing. We advise not to pre-mix, especially because it would be difficult to create a “standard solution” given the varying concentrations/ratios/volumes required for such pet-specific/medication-specific recipes. All scripts are different. I further reached out to our vet consultant and he reiterated the following: “We are not supposed to “batch” scripts in Veterinary Medicine, so I would steer clear of this practice.”

What is vet syrup?
FLAVORx Vet Syrup is our primary and proprietary sucrose-based solution used in veterinary compounding (similar to Simple Syrup that is used in human compounding). It is a sweet viscous liquid, soluble in water and alcohol, insoluble in oils.
Ingredients: Sucrose 85% w/v, Purified Water, Citric Acid, and 0.1% Methylparaben as a preservative.

What is feline solution?
The feline compounding solution contains delayed release molecules which release salty flavor in the cat’s mouth after about a minute. This revolutionary product lessens the perception of bitterness associated with many cat medications. The salty taste, in combination with the FLAVORx flavors and sweetening enhancer, result in a more palatable product for feline patients. Feline Solution is less viscous and saltier than Vet Syrup. Sweetness can cause cats to salivate excessively or to throw up, so feline solution is the preferred vehicle. It should only be used when compounding with water soluble drugs, otherwise Vet Syrup must be used for compounding. Feline solution contains no fat and has 32 mg of salt/ml.
Ingredients: Sodium Chloride, Propylparaben, Methylparaben