FLAVORx Auto Bottle Change Procedure

Please follow the bottle change procedure before removing any flavor bottles

Step-by-Step Instructions:

2. Scan the flavor bottle barcode, confirm the correct Flavor Name and press ‘YES’
3. Enter the Month of Expiration and press ‘OK’
4. Enter the Expiration Year and press ‘OK’
5. Enter the lot number and press ‘OK’
6. Confirm that screen displays the correct Ingredient (Flavor), Expiration Date, Lot Number
7. Select ‘NO’ when prompted to “Change another ingredient”
8. Select Full Bottles 100% Flavor Level
~ The Door should open ~
9. Follow the instructions on the screen to replace the flavor bottle and press ‘OK’
10. Place a cup under nozzle and press ‘OK’ to purge the system