Promoting the flavoring service is a great way to differentiate your pharmacy and show your customers that you care about their health. Through the different seasons, FLAVORx will be continuously updating our downloadable marketing material. Any current customer can download and use these materials within their own pharmacy. Signs and posters are a great way to get the message out that your pharmacy offers FLAVORx products but don’t forget the easiest thing you can do is just ASK!


Download Allergy Season Marketing Materials

Allergy season is among us, is your pharmacy prepared?

allergy-banner-250x250Millions of children in the U.S. suffer from allergies. Let your customers know that allergy relief medications like Claritin®, Benadryl® and Zyrtec® can taste the way they want.
Download Allergy Relief Marketing Material

Download Flavor Of The Month Posters

Promote specific flavors within your pharmacy by downloading these printable flavor of the month posters

FLAVORx Flavor of the month Apple

Pick and choose which flavors you would like to promote each month. The posters come in both English and Spanish. These posters are just another way to let your customers know, that you have the ability to personalize the taste of their medication. 

Download Flavor Of The Month Posters


Download Marketing Materials For This Years Flu Season

Tamiflu® can taste awful! Download new marketing material to let your customers know you can help.

FX_FluSeason_2016_fb ImageThe timing of flu season is very unpredictable. Make sure your pharmacy is prepared for the the cold & flu season in your town by downloading our newest marketing materials.

Download Cold & Flu Season Marketing Material


Download Back To School Marketing Materials

Download FLAVORx marketing material to prepare for children going back to school!


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Download 2015 Back To School Marketing Material

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It is back to school time and that usually means children are back to being sick. To gear up for this time of year, download new marketing material to let your customers know your pharmacy can customize the taste of medications!

Download 2016 Back To School Marketing Materials


Cold and Flu season is back! Download the latest marketing materials to promote FLAVORx during this yucky time of year.

Download 2016 Cold & Flu Marketing Materials


Ways to ask a customer if they would like to customize their medication:

Amox/Clav is known to taste pretty bad, but for just a couple dollars (or whatever your pharmacy charges) we can custom flavor this prescription to make it taste better. What’s your child’s favorite flavor?

Has your daughter ever struggled to swallow liquid medicine? We provide a service to custom-flavor kids medicines to make them easier to swallow and it really works. Would you like to choose a flavor for your daughter’s prescription?

Would you like to flavor your child’s medication?

Does your child have a favorite flavor? We can make your child’s medicine taste the way they would like it.

Some pharmacists/technicians hesitate to recommend flavoring because they know the medicine is already flavored or does not have a taste problem. This is understandable. Every liquid medication has a flavor added to it by the drug manufacturer before it gets to the pharmacy. This doesn’t mean it tastes good. It also doesn’t mean it’s a flavor the child likes. Our products are designed to override the existing taste of the medicine and make it taste like a flavor the child prefers.

All of our flavors are sugar free, dye free, gluten free, and casein free. We also test our flavors to make sure they don’t change how the medicine works. Did we mention FLAVORx has been used in over 50 million medications?

Material that comes with the FLAVORx kit

As a FLAVORx Certified Pharmacy, you’ll get all the tools* you need to make it clear to parents and prescribers that you’re a kid-friendly pharmacy.


To order more of these marketing materials, please call 800-884-5771 or email-

*Materials are subject to change.