New Year’s Eve is just before us, and people all over the world are thinking about what their New Year’s resolutions will be. Parents often choose goals related to family fitness – such as losing weight or keeping less sweets around the house in favor of healthier snacks. Children, however, have their own priorities, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to jump on the New Year’s bandwagon as well!

This year, have a little fun helping your kids create their own New Year’s resolutions and thinking of inventive ways to fulfill them. Here is a list of common resolutions and tips for helping your kids achieve them.

This year, I will get more exercise
When kids make exercise a regular habit early in life, it’s that much easier for them to keep it up over the years. Plus, kids who exercise frequently are less likely to experience being overweight or obese. This may help protect them from physical ailments such as diabetes and heart disease as well as mental issues such as anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.

There are a number of ways you can help your children stay fit and active. One idea is to sign them up for an after-school athletic program such as soccer or basketball. If your child isn’t interested in competitive sports, try a class that emphasizes fitness, such as dance or gymnastics. Other ideas include yoga, martial arts or even aerobics.

This year, I will do better in school
This is a worthy goal for any student, even if he or she already gets good marks. In general, students who make their schoolwork a priority do better in college and beyond – and what parent wouldn’t want this kind of success for their little one?

Help your kids do better in school this year by identifying both their strong suits and the subjects with which they need more help. You can create flash cards or invest in learning software that your child can use on a PC or tablet. Many programs turn learning into a game, making even your child’s least favorite subject more fun. A number of studies cite that children who eat healthy diets and engage in regular fitness activities perform better in school as well. Make sure to include a healthy diet with brain-boosting proteins, fruits and veggies along with this resolution.

This year, I will be nicer to others
For many kids, good social skills aren’t always intuitive, but need to be learned. Even if your children are comfortable with their own group of friends, a resolution to be nice or more inclusive to other kids will help them develop better social skills and widen their circle of influence. Kids who have a number of friends are more likely to develop healthy confidence levels and a positive self-image. This can help them avoid certain types of anxiety and depressive disorders.

If your child wants to make improving their relationships a priority this year, help them by challenging them to do kind deeds for others. It can be something as simple as saying “hi” to a child who isn’t always included or taking home assignments for a sick friend. Help your child come up with several new, small goals each week and discuss them over the dinner table or during other quality time.

This year, I will be healthy
Kids don’t spend as much time thinking about their health as their parents do; however taking ownership of their own health and well-being is essential. Help your children develop a self-care plan that includes eating healthy, exercise and getting the right amount of sleep.

Staying healthy should also include taking their medication when necessary. FLAVORx makes medicinal flavorings that help make medicine time easier for kids. Ask your pharmacist how you can get FLAVORx for your child’s prescription today.