How to Get Your Kids To Take Their Meds

Learn four tricks for giving children a dose of medicine
By Madonna Behen Posted January 14, 2010 from Woman’s Day; February 17, 2010

The only thing worse than a sick child is trying to give her medicine when she doesn’t like to take it. As most parents know, it’s not as easy as Mary Poppins makes it out to be–and frankly, a spoonful of sugar is probably the last thing they need. Luckily, we found four tricks that also help the medicine go down.

1. Make it “rocket medicine.” Use a dropper to give liquid meds (no spills) and let your child fill it himself.
2. Ask your pharmacist if she can add a kid-friendly flavor, like FLAVORx, to bitter-tasting liquid medicines.
3. Crush the pill and mix it with applesauce or flavored yogurt.
4. Look for chewables in flavors he likes, such as grape or bubble gum.