Turn Medicine Time into Treat Time with FLAVORx!

Compounding & Flavoring System

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Includes access to the Online Compounding & Flavoring Recipe Builder

Nine Bottles of FLAVORx Flavors

2oz Vet Sweetening Enhancer
2oz of Crispy Bacon flavor
2oz of Salmon Steak flavor
2oz of Red Angus Beef flavor
2oz of Peanut Butter flavor
2oz of Grilled Tuna flavor
2oz of Chicken Pot Pie flavor
1oz of Tangy Apple flavor
1oz of Strawberry Shortcake flavor

Bottles, Syringes, and Accessories

Empty 2oz Veterinary Bottle (25)
Empty 1oz Veterinary Bottle (25)
Caps for Vet Bottle 1oz & 2oz (50)
Dispensing Plugs 1oz & 2oz (50)
5ml Adaptacap Syringe (15)
3ml Adaptacap Syringe (15)
1ml Adaptacap Syringe (15)
.5 ml Adaptacap Syringe (15)
Spatula (1)
4oz Mortar and Pestle (1)
50ml Graduate (1)
10ml Graduate (1)

Three Bottles of Mixing Vehicles

1pt of VersaFree Diabetic Solution (1)
1pt of FLAVORx Veterinary Syrup (1)
1pt of Feline Suspending Solution (1)


Flavored by FLAVORx stickers
Shake well, refrigerate stickers
Menu Pad
Favorable Flavors
Wall and Counter Displays
FLAVORx Masks (2)

FLAVORx Veterinary Flavor Options

All FLAVORx flavors are formulated specifically for use with pets. They are sugar-free, dye-free, and meet all USDA guidelines. The ingredients have also undergone pH, stability, compatibility, and organoleptic testing. One 2oz bottle of flavor yields approximately 85 flavored prescriptions.

We offer 9 savory flavors and 8 fruity flavors: