Every second matters in today’s fast-paced, workflow-optimized pharmacy environment. The Fillmaster Auto reduces the time it takes to reconstitute and completely eliminates the time it takes to custom-flavor liquid medications. By integrating completely into your workflow, your pharmacies can enjoy all the benefits of the flavoring service, without spending another second on the process.


fillmaster auto fully automated water dispenserThe entire process of filling and flavoring a liquid medication is accomplished in a matter of seconds. Simply scan and confirm the drug using the integrated barcode scanner that contains reconstitution and flavoring data for over 7,500 unique NDC codes. Then press “Dispense” to automatically get the exact amount of water you need. If you wish to customize the taste of the medication for your customer, choose the flavor and the exact amount will also dispense into the medication, simultaneously with the purified water.

This is the first fully-automated reconstitution and flavoring device, designed to save pharmacies time and improve dispensing accuracy behind the counter.


  • Significantly reduces dispensing time – 15 seconds to reconstitute, from start to finish
  • Eliminates the time it takes to flavor antibiotics and other reconstitutions
  • Eliminates waste by making sure your pharmacy staff dispenses the right amount of water into the right medications
  • Promotes medication adherence and improves the customer experience


  • 5” full-color touchscreen display for easy navigation and operation
  • Barcode scanning and metered dispensing for the utmost accuracy and quality control
  • Holds 12 four-ounce flavor bottles
  • A dispensing sensor to guarantee the accurate amount of flavor and water every time
  • Self-cleaning system eliminates clean up time after a medication is flavored
  • 24/7 customer support


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